Sunday, 22 May 2011

fanatic with ... (:

I like it sO much . Looks very sweet and gorgeous .
sy ta taO nape sy sgt suke kan barbie . mybe coz sy sgt suke kan pink kot .
ade jgk pena berangan nak jd cam barbie . but impossible la kan .
dulu time skola mse form5 . my frenz adiah kan barbie doll .
sgt malu mse tuh coz kene bkak dpn owg rmai dlm klas .
but i like it n till nOw i cannot 4get about it n the memories . 
Love them so much ^_^ . 
cik qila . yunise . miera . ain . atyn . aida . tatie

This is one of  my dreams . 
nak sgt blik yg ala2 cam blik barbie which is full with pink colour .
hehehe (:
bile la kan dpt cmnie ?
best nye kalo dpt cmnie kan ? rse cam x nk kua je dr blik .
hahaha .
fanatic sgt kan . tp itulah sy . eishhh 
indah nye idop... huhuhu

best jgk kalo dpt ruang tamu camnie . hehe
looks comfortable .
hope one day dpt jge ruang cmnie if i have my own house la .

This is not my fav but cam best je kalo dpt kete cmnie kan .
x kesa la pape kete pown asalkn wrne pink .
if i have it . ntah la x taO cmne nk ckp .
sronok sgt !!! .
hrp la sgt bile ad kete nnt nk wane pink . x kire jgk .
kihkihkih , pink is the best colour . 

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